Invent Medic Sweden AB (“Invent Medic”) announces herewith that The Board has decided to extend the market launch of TVS In Sweden to include both the consumer market and healthcare. The Board of Directors expects that the expanded market launch will increase the availability of the product and give the company increased market opportunities. The TVS, which have recently undergone a clinical study with positive results, will thus be able to prevent urinary leakage in stress incontinent women whether or not the woman has contacted the healthcare system. The enlarged market launch prompts no time lag, the TVS are will be launched in Sweden according to plan post summer 2018.  TVS will be presented under the new brand, Arcamea, which in the long run will act as a women’s health brand including a portfolio of products. Arcameas website ( Published today.

TVS has recently been validated in a clinical study which showed significant reduction in urinary leakage and showed that the product is safe to use. The TVS will now undergo CE review and market launch is planned to be after the summer, 2018. Invent medic’s initial plan was to market TVS through the healthcare system. However, stress urinary incontinence is a widespread problem. One fifth of women over 35 years is expected to be troubled by recurring urinary incontinence. The Board has therefore decided to expand the market launch of TVS by including the consumer market in parallel with the healthcare system. The market launch will thus take place partly through direct sales and sales through pharmacies and through the healthcare system. With this extended market channels, it is expected that more women can be offered an effective and safe product to reduce the problems of stress urinary incontinence. This launch plan for TVS does not indicate any shift of the original timetable, the market launch in Sweden is planned after the summer, 2018.

The Board of Directors consider the market potential for the area” Women’s Health” to be interestingly large. Invent Medic sees opportunity to broadening its product portfolio with complementary products in the health field and therefore launches the brand Arcamea ( “Arca mea” means “my ark” in Latin, referring to a safe place for storing items and a vessel of knowledge and solutions that may empower women when it comes to your health. TVS, that will have its own brand name in connection with the market launch, is the first product under the Arcamea brand. 

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