Invent medic Sweden AB (“invent medic”), as previously reported, has been granted a marketing authorization, CE marking, on its first product, TVS. Invent Medic has during the late winter and spring prepared for market launch by participating in relevant conferences and events, having initial contacts with pharmacies and through the recruitment of a Supply Chain Manager who will be responsible for the product flow within the company.   

In early July 2018, Invent Medic received the right to CE mark the TVS and market launch is scheduled to take place after the summer of 2018. In spring and summer 2018, invent Medic has conducted a large number of preparatory activities for the planned market launch. For example, the company has participated in conferences and events. The company has, among other things, been presenting Arcamea, the company’s women’s health brand at the Urotherapists Annual Congress and the OGU days, which is a training conference for Obstetrics and Gynecologists. The responses have been positive, and the profession shows high interest in the product and the brand Arcamea. Participation at conferences gives the company a good network opportunity and a good opportunity to present the vision for the brand. In addition, the company has had initial contacts with pharmacies prior to the market launch in order to pre-establish interest for the TVS.

In June 2018 the company employed Helene Dahlberg as Supply Chain Manager. Dahlberg is an engineer by trade with extensive experience in procurement, purchasing and logistics, among other things. Dahlberg will manage the product flow, implying that Dahlberg has a key position in the market launch activities of TVS. Invent Medic also has continued major collaborations with highly skilled consults to ensure digital marketing and a future launch on the international market.

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