Efemia is a uniquely designed medical device for women to effectively and conveniently manage urinary leakage due to Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Efemia is the commercial name of what was former called TVS. 

Karin Bryder, CEO says: 
“Women deserve more effective solutions that are  motivating  to use and easily fit into their everyday lives.
To achieve this with Efemia, we have used a holistic approach in developing the product, , prioritizing reliability, functionality and emotional aspects equally.  We are very excited to be launching Efemia and truly believe it will transform everyday life for women living with stress urinary incontinence.” 

Efemia’s design and operating mechanism is based on the same scientific principles and methodology as behind mid-urethral sling surgery, the most common surgical solution to correct SUI. 

Innovative Aspects 

  • Efemia achieves its intended purpose by providing the same effect as a Mid Urethral Sling, but without the surgery. 

  • Continence is more dependent on the urethra than the bladder neck. Efemia reduces urine leakage in women with stress urinary incontinence by supporting the mid urethra. This in contrast  to most devices which support the bladder neck. 

  • Efemia is  designed to ensure the correct positioning every time it is used without aids of medical professionals or applicators. 

Efemia has been validated in a randomised, controlled multi-center trial  which showed a significant reduction in urine leakage and that the device is safe to use. The women who used Efemia achieved an average reduction in urine leakage  of 77%  and  85% of the  participants found the product easy to use.  97 women participated in the clinical trial which was held across 4 clinics in Sweden in 2017. The study was coordinated by Aino Fianu Jonasson, Senior Consultant at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. 

Efemia Bladder Support is a certified CE Class IIb Medical Device 

Retail Prices  
Efemia single pack:  SEK 1290,-  
Efemia Trial pack(all 3 sizes): SEK 1590,- 

Efemia will be available for online purchase in Sweden from October 1st 2018

Download: Release