Business model

Through the use of internal development or acquisitions of immaterial rights, Invent Medic is able to develop products and services with none or low license costs to right owners.

In line with this strategy, the company owns all immaterial rights to Efemia bladder support. This allows the company to offer products to consumers or establish licensing deals in an effective manner. Warehousing costs are also minimised through procured, flexible manufacturing capacity.

In Sweden, Invent Medic offers Efemia directly to consumers and through distributors, for example pharmacy chains, and in these cases the company functions as a distributor with its own warehousing. Price levels and other terms are negotiated separately with each entity, and the product can be included in their existing marketing activities. Public procurements by public health care regions constitute another sales channel for the company. Invent Medic has submitted offers in such procurements which are expected to take effect in Q2, 2020. 

The Swedish health care region Västra Götaland started to order Efemia in Q4 2019 in accordance with an agreement that will be valid until a potential pubic procurement process is finalised.

Marketing activities in Sweden are aimed directly at women in relevant segments through traditional and social media as well as various health and exercise related events. Additionally, the company connects with important health care professionals including urotherapists, midwives, gynaecologists and urologists. These are accessed through personal meetings and industry events.

In Denmark, Norway, the UK and Germany, marketing activities as well as sales are handled by distributors who can sign agreements with, for example, pharmacy chains and health care entities in their respective countries. It is for example likely that relevant public procurements will be carried out in the UK in the next few years.