Product development

Invent Medic sees significant value-creating potential in including additional products in the company’s portfolio over the next few years. An expanded product portfolio will enable the company to benefit even more from the international distribution network that is now being built for Efemia bladder support.

Invent Medic is currently looking into possibilities to develop innovative solutions in women’s health on its own, but the company is also evaluating a number of exciting external products, mainly in vaginal health. This segment is considered to be of particular interest as one or more Invent Medic products in vaginal health would complement Efemia in an optimal way.

The company aims to be able to select a second Invent Medic product and to initiate studies with it in 2020. These studies are expected to focus on evaluating the effect and user friendliness of the new product. Upon completion of successful studies, the company estimates that the product can be launched on the market within 1-2 years.