Invent Medic announces that a potential distributor in Germany has decided to conduct an internal evaluation of the company’s medical technology product Efemia bladder support. The potential distributor is focused on urology-related products and pharmaceuticals and has a large number of customers in the German health care sector.

To facilitate a thorough evaluation of Efemia, an agreement has been signed that grants the potential distributor access to clinical data and product samples in different sizes.

The parties have been discussing a potential collaboration regarding Efemia for some time as there is a mutual interest in getting leading urology-related products into the hands of women in Europe.

“Even though we are initially focusing on launching Efemia in Sweden and the Nordic region, we are already planning our upcoming expansion in the rest of Europe. It is therefore exciting to take this important step towards signing a distribution agreement for Germany, which is the largest European market for medical technology products,” says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

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