Invent Medic announces that the company will increase and strengthen its market communication together with the IR communication agency Honeybadger. The collaboration includes a strategic communication plan as well as ongoing and periodic communication.

As a part of this venture, Honeybadger is appointed as Invent Medic’s IR communication partner in accordance with an ongoing contract. Honeybadger undertakes to assist Invent Medic with strategic advice as well as in the production of regulatory and non-regulatory market communication in Swedish and English. The contract also includes updating existing web solutions and the possibility to conduct PR campaigns targeted at Swedish industry and business media.

“Invent Medic has shown great progress in 2018, with the launch of our first product Efemia bladder support in October as the most important event. This is expected to increase our market communication going forward. We have therefore decided to upgrade our capabilities in this area together with Honeybadger, based on their ability to combine a strategic and creative mindset with efficient execution. So far, we have used their services with great results since the production of our latest interim report,” says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

“Invent Medic’s first product shows the strength in the company’s ability to improve women’s health and quality of life with innovative solutions. This vision is completely in line with our core values, and we look forward to developing their communication with important target groups such as shareholders, investors and the media,” says Honeybadger’s CEO Johan Waldhe.

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