Invent Medic has today signed an agreement with Sweden’s largest pharmacy chain, Apoteket AB, that has agreed to include the company’s product Efemia bladder support in its assortment. Initially, Efemia will be available in Apoteket’s nationwide webshop

The inclusion of Efemia in Apoteket’s assortment is an important milestone for Invent Medic as the product will now retain a much better exposure towards broad customer groups in Sweden. An approved review by Apoteket is also an import validation of the product.

“There is a strong demand from women who want a simple and effective solution that enables them to be more active and safe in everyday life, without having to worry about urine leakage. However, many are not yet aware that Efemia meets this need. It is therefore very inspiring that we are now able to reach out through Sweden’s largest pharmacy chain, that also has a strong quality focus”, says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

“Apoteket is a well-established pharmacy chain, making it safe and easy to recommend a product in its assortment. We are of course also hoping that health care providers all over Sweden will now recommend Efemia for women that can be helped by the product in their everyday life,” says Karin Bryder.

Efemia will be included in Apoteket’s assortment in the coming months.

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