Invent Medic announces that the company’s current market activities for the innovative medical technology product Efemia Bladder Support is starting to show results in the form of an increased knowledge about the product and a successive sales growth in 2019.

The market activities for Efemia are aimed at both health care entities and organisations promoting women’s health, as well as directly towards potential customers. They are conducted by the company and through its distributors.

A substantial share of the marketing work aimed at health care entities involves contacting and visiting representatives on different levels, including urologists and gynaecologists, so that they can recommend their patients to use Efemia. This work has been expanded since Invent Medic’s sales manager Karin Wäborg assumed her position in the end of February, and the significant positive results from the two recently completed user studies are expected to further increase interest.

Invent Medic is also attending relevant scientific conferences. For example, Arcamea presented Efemia at a pelvic floor conference in Manchester, UK in the end of April.

Within marketing aimed at women’s health organisations, Invent Medic has an ongoing collaboration with the 1.6 & 2.6 million club, including participating at events and in their Woman in Red campaign during the spring. The company has also participated at for example senior meetings in Gothenburg and Malmö.

Following the agreements in Q1 2019 with Sweden’s two largest pharmacy chains, Apoteket AB and Apoteket Hjärtat, Efemia’s visibility and availability has increased. The product is also getting exposure in campaigns aimed at specific target groups from each pharmacy chain during the spring. In Denmark, Invent Medic’s distributor Props & Pearls has started to establish Efemia through public and private health care entities.

Invent Medic’s own marketing aimed directly at potential customers is using advertisement and sponsored articles for specific target groups in electronic and printed media, as well as in social media channels. Some upcoming examples are a full-page advertisement in the Swedish evening paper Expressen’s Sunday section and advertisements in the Swedish journals iForm and Hemmets Journal.

“The awareness of the benefits of Efemia is starting to rise in relevant target groups, and we expect this to show in our sales numbers going forward. It is at the same time important to keep in mind that women usually take some time before they decide to use a product like Efemia, but when the initial decision has been made, many become recurring customers,” says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

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