SECOND QUARTER (April – June 2019)

  • The company’s sales amounted to 101 (0) KSEK.
  • Work capitalised by the company for its own use amounted to 0 (187) KSEK.
  • Operating costs amounted to 3,243 (2,043) KSEK.
  • Result after tax amounted to -3,143 (-1,857) KSEK.
  • Result per share amounted to -0.30 (-0.19) SEK.

CEO Karin Bryder summarizes the quarter 

During the second quarter of 2019, we continued to focus on establishing and marketing Invent Medic’s first product Efemia Bladder Support in Sweden, the Nordic region and Europe. The marketing activities are targeting health care entities, including relevant occupational categories, as well as consumers. Our sales revenues are still modest, but the trend is promising and the two largest pharmacy chains in Sweden are including the product in their campaigns. A positive evaluation of Efemia in Germany, with 10 million potential users, was presented during the quarter. The results contributed to us being able to sign a distribution agreement with the retail focused German company Arteriomed after the end of the period. We were also able to present positive results from a follow-up study focused on self-reported quality of life during the period.

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