CEO Karin Bryder summarizes the quarter

During the third quarter of 2019, we have spent alot of time on preparing the launches of efemia inthe UK and Germany which are taking place nowin the fourth quarter. Among other things, we havedelivered the first product orders. At the same time,we continue our marketing of efemia in Sweden,where several regions in the healthcare sector finallyinitiated relevant procurement processes in whichwe participate with efemia. During the quarter, wealso participated in the International ContinenceSociety’s (ICS) annual meeting in Gothenburg.There was a great interest in efemia, and we metseveral exciting persons and entities to follow upgoing forward. In addition, the scientific lecturespointed out the importance of products such asefemia, both in general as a complement to surgeryas well as for specific women’s groups. One of thesegroups is women who are engaged in “high impact”activities such as gym excercice, a segment that weare now looking more closely at. efemia has alreadybeen proven as a very suitable product for gymexcercice. In two recent studies, all participants werehelped by the product. We are also progressing withour evaluations of additional promising potentialvaginal health products, as we see great potential inexpanding our product portfolio as our distributionnetwork for efemia is expanded to additional andlarger markets.

Results in brief

KSEK 2019July – Sept 2018July – Sept 2019July – Sept 2018July – Sept 2018July – Dec
Sales income 31 0 248 0 41
Other operating income  0 84 0 445 444
Operating costs -2 875 -2 537 -9 207 -7 048 -9 795
Result for the period  -2 844 -2 453 -8 960 -6 604 -9 311
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