Invent Medic announces that the company has signed a distribution agreement for its product Efemia bladder support covering the Netherlands and Belgium with the Netherland-based distributor Pelvitec. Efemia will be available in these markets from Q1 2020.

Efemia will be introduced in the Netherlands by Pelvitec at a pre-launch event during a congress for nurses specializing in stress urinary incontinence (SUI) on November 8. It will be followed by a similar event in Belgium on November 22 aimed at pelvic floor therapists.

The Efemia launch in the Netherlands and Belgium in Q1 2020 will follow the ongoing Q4 2019 launches in Germany and the UK. Around 1 million women in the Netherlands and Belgium are estimated to be using some kind of protection against urine leakage and are thereby potential regular Efemia users.

“We are excited about bringing Efemia to the Netherlands and Belgium together with Pelvitec, and that Pelvitec is able to introduce the product at pre-launch events already in November. We know that many women in this region are looking for a non-surgical, effective and easy-to-use SUI solution such as Efemia, and we look forward to satisfying this demand soon,” says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

“Efemia fits in well in our portfolio as it presents an innovative and clinically proven solution for a major women’s health care issue. We are certain that the product will be well received by the health care sector and women with SUI in the Netherlands and Belgium,” says Pelvitec’s CEO Hero Mulder.

The new Efemia distributor Pelvitec offers a range of health care products to the public health care sector and retail-focused entities in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company has a special focus on the women’s health space, including segments such as pelvic floor therapy, urology and gynaecology.

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