Invent Medic announces that the company has received the first order for the product Efemia Bladder Support from a Swedish public health care region. The order shows that health care entities value the benefits of Efemia as a non-surgical, effective and easy-to-use solution for women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI).  

As stated in Invent Medic’s recently published interim report, the company is a registered as a provider for two Swedish health care regions. The registration enables these regions to order Efemia before finalising public procurements.

In addition to being registered as a provider, Invent Medic has submitted offers in two ongoing public procurement processes in Sweden. The company expects that potential contracts as a result of these procurements will come into effect in H1 2020.

“This order is a result of our extensive efforts to present Efemia to important health care professionals such as pelvic floor therapists, physiotherapists and gynaecologists. They see a concrete demand for an effective and non-surgical SUI solution, and some of them contacted their region to order Efemia. This development is expected, but at the same time very positive as the public health care system reaches many women with SUI in an effective manner,” says Invent Medic´s CEO Karin Bryder.

In addition to Sweden, Efemia is available in Denmark, and launches are ongoing in Q4 2019 in Germany and the UK. The product will also be launched in the Netherlands and Belgium in Q1 2020. As Efemia becomes available in an increasing number of markets, the company expects that more and larger public procurements will be initiated where Invent Medic and its regional distributor can participate with Efemia.

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