Invent Medic announces that the company’s product Efemia bladder support will be launched in Norway in December 2019 through the distributor Quintet. An application for a framework agreement with the public health care in Norway will be submitted shortly. If such a framework agreement is established, the public health care will cover the cost of Efemia if the products is prescribed by a physician.

Initially, Efemia will be available through Quintet’s online store. In addition to this, the distribution agreement with Invent Medic enables the company to secure agreements with pharmacy chains and other entities in the retail market. In this area, Quintet has a close collaboration with the leading Norwegian pharmacy chain Apotek1, that offers a wide selection of medical assistance products in their pharmacies.

“It is exciting that we are now able to launch Efemia in Norway before the end of the year together with Quintet, which will enable us to help many Norwegian women to live their life to the fullest. Quintet’s extensive experience in women’s health-focused assistance products, combined with strong relations with health care and retail entities, makes them an excellent partner for us, says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

“Efemia offers a unique and well-functioning solution for an important women’s health problem, making it a great fit in our product portfolio. We have already presented the product at events in Bergen and Oslo with a positive response, and we have good reason to expect that the product will be well received by women with SUI as well as relevant health care entities in Norway,” says Quintet’s CEO Hanna Solberg.

Around 500,000 women in Norway are estimated to be using some kind of protection against urine leakage and are thereby potential regular Efemia users. The new Efemia distributor Quintet is focusing on assistance products in incontinence, pain relief and sexual health, which makes the company well-experienced in Efemia’s product segment.

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