Invent Medic announces that the company’s first product Efemia bladder support has been approved for subscription with reimbursement in the Netherlands from February 2020. Efemia has already received an equivalent approval in Norway, and the product is also approved for subscription in three Swedish healthcare regions (of which framework agreement in one region) and 23 municipalities in Denmark.

Efemia was introduced in the Netherlands by the distributor Pelvitec in November 2019 at a conference for nurses specialized in stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The product is available for purchase in the country from Q1 2020.

Pelvitec’s continued work to establish the product in the Netherlands will now be facilitated as physicians, specialized nurses and pelvic floor therapists are able to subscribe the product to their patients. Most patients are covered by the country’s system for reimbursement, with some variations due to their insurance solutions, and the system covers 100 % of the cost of Efemia.

“It is satisfying that Efemia has been approved for subscription with reimbursement in yet another European market. The product will now become more accessible for women in the Netherlands seeking a simple, effective and non-surgical solution for SUI, and they do not have to worry about the cost, says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

In March 2020, Invent Medic will participate at EAU20, the biggest urological event in Europe. Invent Medic will be participating together with its distributors AGH (UK), Arteriomed (Germany) and Pelvitec (the Netherlands and Belgium).

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