Invent Medic announces that the Swedish pharmacy chain Kronans Apotek will include the product Efemia bladder support in its online assortment. Efemia will become available to buy on in October 2020.

With this agreement, Efemia will soon be available to buy from four major pharmacy companies in Sweden, as similar agreement have already been signed with Apoteket AB, Apotek Hjärtat and Apotea.

“We are excited that Kronans Apotek will include Efemia in its assortment. We will now work to promote a decision by Kronans Apotek to also include the product in their physical stores, just as Apoteket AB has already done,” says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

Karin Bryder is pleased with Invent Medic’s success when it comes to signing agreements and initiating collaborations to increase Efemia’s availability and sales in Sweden since the launch in late 2018.

“We have been able to deliver solid sales numbers for Efemia so far in 2020, despite the Covid-19-related uncertainty in the market. This bodes well for the rest of the year and 2021, as the product is available both through the public health care system and an increasing number of pharmacy chains. The increasing availability is expected to contribute to the awareness of both Efemia and stress urinary incontinence,” she says.

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