Today, Invent Medic publishes a new issue of the company’s newsletter aimed at shareholders, investors and other interested parties.

In this issue, CEO Karin Bryder comments on the positive trend for the company’s product Efemia in Sweden and Norway, where an increasing number of public and private entities are starting to offer the product to patients and customers. In Sweden, an agreement with pharmacy chain Kronans Apotek was recently presented, which means that Invent Medic now has agreements with the four largest online pharmacies. The product is also sold in 33 of Apoteket AB’s physical pharmacies. In Norway, Efemia can be prescribed at a reduced cost by the public healthcare, and the distributor Quintet has signed an agreement with Apotek1 and the wholesaler NMD that owns the pharmacy chains Vitusapotek and Ditt Apotek.

In the newsletter, Karin Bryder also comments on the company’s successful collaboration with physiotherapist and comedian Elaine Miller, and a short film with Elaine can be viewed directly in the newsletter. The collaboration has been highlighted in markets including the UK, which is the company’s single largest market.

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The newsletter is published in Swedish and English, with a flexible publishing frequency based on Invent Medic’s news flow. It is produced together with the company’s IR communication partner Honeybadger, Invent Medic encourages feedback and requests on topics for upcoming issues of the newsletter.

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