Today, Invent Medic publishes a new issue of the company’s newsletter aimed at shareholders, investors and other interested parties. As the exercise period for the company’s TO 1 subscription warrants is running until March 18, 2021, all shareholders who participated in the 2020 share issue are encouraged to use their warrants in time.

In this issue, CEO Karin Bryder talks about progress and new marketing efforts in Sweden, Europe and the US, and the company’s new menstrual cup product ahead of its H2 2021 launch.

In Sweden, Invent Medic has signed a new framework agreement for Efemia bladder support with Region Östergötland. Additionally, the existing agreement with Västra Götalandsregionen has been extended. Invent Medic has also upgraded its market organisation as a part of its growth-promoting activities, including the recruitment to the new positions Customer Success Manager and Growth Marketing Manager. Furthermore, 60 women have been recruited to a testing panel for the menstrual cup product that is being developed with a planned launch in H2 2021.

In Europe, Invent Medic notices a generally increasing optimism among healthcare entities, resellers and regional partners/distributors. The vaccination programs in Europe are expected to contribute to more normal priorities in the healthcare during the second half of the year, and this has led the distributors in countries including the UK and Germany to restart their growth-promoting activities.

In the US, Invent Medic has filed an application for FDA registration of Efemia bladder support. Additionally, market activities are being conducted ahead of an upcoming launch in the region, including preparations for starting up a US subsidiary.

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The newsletter is published in Swedish and English, with a flexible publishing frequency based on Invent Medic’s news flow. It is produced together with the company’s IR communication partner Honeybadger, Invent Medic encourages feedback and requests on topics for upcoming issues of the newsletter.

Download: Newsletter March 2021