Invent Medic announces that it has filed a first patent application to protect the unique features of its innovative menstrual cup that is being developed with a first launch planned for the second half of 2021. Furthermore, it is announced that the testing of two product prototypes will be initiated today with a total of 60 women in this first part of the testing program.

The patent application filed for the menstrual cup is a so-called priority application, that has been filed in Sweden with the option to be extended to an international application within a year. This means that it will form the basis of an international patent program for the menstrual cup, covering all of Invent Medic’s important regional markets including Europe and the United States.

The first part of the testing program for the menstrual cup that is initiated today will utilise a testing panel with a total of 60 women. The participants have been divided into three groups: women who are experienced users of menstrual cup products, women who have tried menstrual cup products but see themselves as discontented users, and women who have not used menstrual cup products previously. The results from the testing program will contribute to the company’s final adjustments towards a final menstrual cup product. Initial launch in Sweden is a planned for the second half of 2021.

“It is inspiring to be able to present this progress in the development of our innovative menstrual cup. I am happy that almost finalised versions of the Efemia menstrual cup will now be used, and that we will receive valuable feedback so that we can finalise it in the best way possible,” says Invent Medic’s CEO Karin Bryder.

Download: Efemia menstrual cup